Assembly Room One (2012)

(with Lee Welch) 42 min. digital video file, wood, projector, screen, speakers

Assembly Room One (2012)

(with Lee Welch) 42 min. digital video file, wood, projector, screen, speakers.

Exhibitions & Screenings:

If what they say is true, CCA Derry- Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
Fridayexit, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria.
Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin, Ireland.


Direction & Editing: Mike Crane
Written by: Mike Crane & Lee Welch
Performers: Anthony Casertano, Cris Colicchio, Brandon D'Augustine, Beth Griffith, Nileja James
Camera: Mauricio Arango, James N. Kienitz Wilkins
Sound: Josh Allen


Using the scenario of an indefinite jury deliberation, Assembly Room One is a cinematic adaptation of a live performance in which five participants engage in a conversation around a collection of artifacts whose relevance to a particular crime remains unknown. The forty-two-minute sequence is comprised of six distinct iterations of the same seven-minute cyclical performance, each one looping seamlessly into the next. Slight variations in the dialogue and action are highlighted in each variation, generating a patterned narrative sequence that is both repetitive and variable.