Assembly Room One

Assembly Room One (2012)

(with Lee Welch) 42 min. digital video file, wood, projector, screen, speakers.

Exhibitions & Screenings:

If what they say is true, CCA Derry- Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
Fridayexit, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria.
Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin, Ireland.


Direction & Editing: Mike Crane
Written by: Mike Crane & Lee Welch
Performers: Anthony Casertano, Cris Colicchio, Brandon D'Augustine, Beth Griffith, Nileja James
Camera: Mauricio Arango, James N. Kienitz Wilkins
Sound: Josh Allen


Using the scenario of an indefinite jury deliberation, Assembly Room One is a cinematic adaptation of a live performance in which five participants engage in a conversation around a collection of artifacts whose relevance to a particular crime remains unknown.