Feedback Action Program

Feedback Action Program (2014)

30 min. digital video file, blue muslin, carpet, wood, speakers, projector

exhibitions and screenings:

This Light Stuttgart, Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart, DE.
Lending Library of Transformazium, Carnegie International, Pittsburgh, PA.
Ora Serrata, Chashama Harlem, NY.
205 Hudson Gallery, New York, NY.


Anthony Casertano
Cris Colicchio
Brandon D'Augustine
Noah Furman
Beth Griffith
Nileja James


Direction & Editing: Mike Crane
Camera: Johan Bergström Hyldahl & Will Lehman
Sound: Josh Allen
Music: Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez


A thirty-minute training video screened hourly inside of a modular theater space. The video depicts a group of six managers rehearsing a conflict resolution exercise filmed in a FedEx copy and print center.