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Theory of Heat / Maxwell's Demon (2010)

graphite on paper, 50 min. HD video, sound, color

Theory of Heat / Maxwell's Demon (2010)

graphite on paper. 50 min. HD video, sound, color

Exhibitions & Screenings:

The Banff Centre, Alberta, CA.
Nighthawk Cinema, Brooklyn, NY.


performers: Jerzy Rozenberg, Crystal Murfett
camera: Leigh-Ann Pahapill
production: Banff Centre Rice Studio
sound design: Mike Crane

Special Thanks to: Kitty Scott, Jan Verwoert


Theory of Heat / Maxwell's Demon is a graphite drawing accompanied by a two-channel narrative video portraying a staged lecture about Maxwell’s Demon–a thought experiment formulated by the 19th century Scottish physicist and founder of color theory, James Clerk Maxwell. The figure of the demon was used by Maxwell to contradict the second law of thermodynamics, references to which have since appeared in contemporary rock music lyrics, television shows, video-games and most notably in an early film by American experimental filmmaker, Hollis Frampton.