UHF42 (2017)

4K video transferred to media player, platforms, carpet, chairs, monitors, tripod stands

exhibitions & publications:

Refracted Realities, February 21 - April 14, 2019 Kunstmuseum Bonn, DE. Forum Expanded, Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, DE.
documenta 14, Keimena, Athens, GR.
Promissory Note, Triple Canopy


Stars Down to Earth by Zhiying, The News Lens
Fake News essen Humor auf by Brigitte Werneburg, Taz
documenta 14, ERT2, Athens, Greece


UHF42 is a six-episode office drama set entirely in the studios of Wattan TV, the longest running 24-hour news station in the occupied West Bank. The narrative unfolds over the course of a continuous nine-to-five work week, and blends scripted performances and documentary scenes in which the studio technicians, journalists and staff act out a report on the swelling debt bubble in the city of Ramallah. As the deadline approaches, the workers splinter into a debate over the merits of spiritualism, solidarity and self determination, all of which are being increasingly subsumed by the ubiquitous logic of debt.


Director: Mike Crane
DP: Amjad Shoman
Assistant Director: Mai Marei
Writer: Khaled Faqeeh
Script Supervisor: Airida Poskute
Art Director: Atheer Niem
Field Producer: Samia Hirzalla Translators: Mustafa Zeno & Ramy Zeno Lodging: Qattan Foundation


Wafaa Arouri as The Journalist
Kamal Odeh as The News Manager
Ibrahim Badwan as The Camera Operator
Sara AlAdra as The Producer
Mai Marei as The Writer
Hamza Al-salayemeh as The Anchor
Arkan Dauwood and Atheer Niem as The Interns
Ala Zeid and Raneen Khaldi as The Lovers